The Hackathon (a mix between hackers and marathon) is an event with the participation of young and passionate computing lovers for a session of collaborative programming. The aim is to test the groups with a funny experience that enables their abilities of working in team to emerge.

The 30 hours marathon of this 7th edition of the ICT Days, has put at stake the talent and creativity of developers to implement, test and validate projects on the theme "ICT tools to support a wise management of energy ". The results have been evaluated by a jury of experts linked to the European Project CIVIS ( and to the world of renewable energy and ICT.  

Classified groups

First group

Edopters Project: sharing and displaying of energy consumption data in Social Network for the sharing of good practice between "early adopters."
Participants: James Alberini, David Campigotto, Amedeo Capuzzo.

Second group

Energy Saver Project: Mobile App for the displaying of their consumption and social suggestions to improve energy consumption.
Participants: Nicoló Pretto

Other projects

Union of Energy Cooperatives